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Things are not going well for young Charlie. He has defied the King's orders and traveled through a magical portal only to become trapped on the other side. In order to return home, he must make it through huge levels in this strange new realm filled with puzzles and enemies. Can he ever get home again? That depends on you... 

Jump, run, solve puzzles, avoid enemies. Be part of this great adventure. Charlie In Trouble is a combination of adventure, puzzle solving and arcade platform jumping.

The player must avoid enemies, obstacles and traps while hitting switches and solving puzzles that will allow him or she to move to the next level. The order of puzzles are such that players must travel back and forth between different stages of each level in order to complete them all. Each level can be up to 6 stages in size. 


- 25 huge levels divided into 66 stages 
- 20+ hours of adventure fun 
- More than 120 items (tools, toys...) and other objects to interact with 
- Cute and lovable main character, levels and enemies 
- Plenty of arcade platform jumping, puzzle solving and adventure fun 
- Many different kind of enemies (18 in total) 
- High variety of traps and other objects like: triggers, lifts, doors, teleports, pillows, lava, water, bounce pads, transporters... 
- Achievements through GameCenter 
- A game for the whole family 

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