Farming Dead   Farming Dead  
Ever wanted to have zombies and see them infect the world? Well, then let's go farming dead! Farm zombies for fun and profit in this relaxing idle simulation game! Start from the bottom with a cute zombie and with big dreams of achieving zombie domination. Tap n' swipe to collect viruses, spawn zombies, buy upgrades and repeat. It's simple as that. There are many hilarious zombies to unlock and humorous upgrades to buy.
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  Drop Files   Drop Files  
A challenging and interesting game where dragging & dropping files make you addicted. Are you fast enough to manage the files? It's a super creative, fresh and smart game for wasting your time on a 1 minute lunch break. Focus and concentrate! Drag & drop incoming files to the right folders and handle tasks. Deal with viruses and trash files. Challenge your friends.
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  Oil, Inc.   Oil, Inc.  
Get your hands into the oil industry! Invest in your first oilfield and start to drill that delicious, profitable, stinky oil! Oil, Inc. is an oil industry simulation game with tons of tapping and strategy elements. You have to build and manage facilities for oil drilling from Oil Derrick, Offshore Platform, Refinery, to Storage Tanks, and Petrol Station. Drill hard and unlock Zombies, Aliens, Monsters and a nasty Mega-Robot to drill for you. Yeah, awesome!
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  Business Superstar   Business Superstar  
Choose your character and start your local business and get rich from zero to superstar! Work with investors, hire assistants, learn business skills, achieve challenges, and deal with business crisis and handicaps. Earn experience points and expand your local business on all continents. Dominate the world and reach the highest prestige rank, become a "Business Superstar"!
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  World of Khaos   World of Khaos  
An action packed tower defense game set in a post-apocalyptic world in the near future, following the impact of an asteroid on Earth. Welcome to the age of extinction, where the surviving humans are fighting for the remaining water and food resources. Command and defend the last free resistance base on Earth against the brutal army of war machines!
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  ShapeScape   ShapeScape  
Getting the balls into the right boxes is fun but tricky in this physics puzzle game. You need to tap away the shapes in order to accomplish this. Sometimes you will need to shake things up too! 3 game modes will challenge not only your puzzle solving skills, but your quick thinking too.
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  Turbo Pigs   Turbo Pigs  
These pigs are super turbo, and have a whopping four hundred kilometers to go to Pig’s Paradise. But mad birds are blocking their way, and they will do anything to stop the little pigs. Will they succeed? Of course they will if YOU put to use your awesome arcade skills in this adventure game.
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  Zombie Area!   Zombie Area!  
Welcome to a world where zombies overrun the streets! Where your zombie killing skills will be put to the test. Loaded with a shotgun, alone, and against the raving hordes of zombies. How long can you survive? Get ready your shotgun and blast the zombies to pieces!
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  Ninja USA   Ninja USA  
Based on the arcade classic "Buster Bros." known also as Pang, Ninja USA is a truly addicting game. You will use your ninja skills, kunai and shurikens to make through the levels and save America from the annoying balls.
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  Space Falcon Reloaded   Space Falcon Reloaded  
Are you ready to kick some alien ass? Then get this galaxy shaking alien blasting action game dressed in full HD graphics with beautiful explosions that will blow your eyes out! Enjoy yourself in almost-insane-action of saving the galaxy from the deadly threat from the universe in the quest of more than 45 levels! The Marshal of the Space Force rank is waiting for you commander...
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  Starfighter Overkill   Starfighter Overkill  
It's an intense space shoot-em-up with unlimited waves of non-stop adrenaline pumping action. Blast away waves of alien spaceships, star panzers, destroyers and space fighters before facing the big bosses. Boost your adrenaline by killing enemies and use the powerful air strike to blitz the enemy in a torrent of destruction.
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  HellGore   HellGore  
Get ready for AppStore's most intense survival experience. Are you strong enough to survive in Hell? There's only one way to find out... enter the world of HellGore! It's a horror themed shooter taking place in hell, which is depicted as a dark gothic medieval world. The story begins after Evil takes the main protagonist's soul and endows him with dark powers.
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  Crazy Little Jumper   Crazy Little Jumper  
You control a little dude. In his way there are many obstacles, but his only ability is to jump. This is where he needs your help. You make him jump by tapping the screen. You can do two types of jumps: small jumps for small obstacles, and big jumps for big obstacles. This game is fast, fun, addictive, easy to play and easy to enjoy.
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  Jungle Haste   Alien VS Jungle  
Beep... beep... BOOM... trash! The spaceship crashed! Holy crap! In the jungle, Amazon, Brazil! Poor little alien calling for help... teet-teet... no answer. What should he do in the middle of the jungle alone? To hurry to get a new spaceship and to catch up with his fellows on the way to home! Run, jump, avoid or knock down animals, complete missions, buy upgrades and get the alien dude out of the jungle!
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  Flick The Ball   Flick The Ball  
I'ss a physics-based puzzle game. Your goal is to guide the ball to the exit without leaving the screen. Your ball will keep moving until hits an obstacle when you move it. Also you need to avoid the black holes. Collect as many stars as possible to gain the best score!
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  Charlie In Trouble   Charlie In Trouble  
Things are not going well for young Charlie. He has defied the King's orders and traveled through a magical portal only to become trapped on the other side. In order to return home, he must make it through huge levels in this strange new realm filled with puzzles and enemies. Can he ever get home again? That depends on you...
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  Barney In Chocoland   Barney In Chocoland  
It's time to test your arcade skills of speed, quickness and reaction! You are controlling Barney. Chocolates are falling down, and you need to catch and insert them into the barrels. When you miss a chocolate, it is eaten by Coco. 3 misses and the game ends. There are power-ups, which will give you some additional bonuses like clearing a miss, boosting speed etc.
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