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Getting the balls into the right boxes is fun but tricky in this physics puzzle game. You need to tap away the shapes in order to accomplish this.

Playing the game is very easy, just think and tap (or click on a desktop OS) the shapes. That’s it!

There are very useful items, which will help you in delicate situations. Like the switcher, which can switch positions of two balls or two boxes. The remover, which can remove a ball from the level. And many more other items...

Sometimes you will need to shake things up! Tapping the big red button will just do that, to shake everything up.

3 game modes are awaiting you:

The Classic Mode, which will challenge you with tricky situations to solve.

The Bomb Remover Mode. Yes, there are bombs too! This game mode will test your quick puzzle solving skills.

The Time Blitz Mode. In this game mode there are balls like in the classic mode, but you will need to be quick in getting the balls into the right boxes in order to achieve the maximum score possible.


- 3 game modes: classic, bomb remover, time blitz 
- 50 levels in Classic Mode (not including the bonus levels!) 
- Dozens of items 
- Many achievements and online leaderboards 
- Game Center support on iOS and Mac 
- Google Play game services support on Google Play and Samsung Apps
- GameCircle support on Amazon 
- Simple to learn and very easy to control 
- High quality music and plenty sound effects

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