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It’s time to dash to Pigs’ Paradise, and you have a whopping four hundred kilometers to go! One would say not a challenging task. But what could go wrong? Mad birds on their way!!! They will do anything to stop the little pigs to reach the paradise! Now, with your help, the little pigs must embark on a great adventure to get there safely!

Speed across the landscape, collecting all the coins you can find and upgrade your pigs with armors, special movements and jetpack (yes, pigs can fly!), to get them super turbo! Hooray pigs!

Turbo Pigs’ simplicity and reflex gameplay might appeal to all casual players. It has a good dose of pure fun. The players will find themselves immersed in the simple yet addicting game play. They can compete with all of their friends, or casually compete against themselves.


- Pig armors, special movements and jetpack – pigs can fly!
- 10 different birds with special abilities 
- Hazardous traps 
- 3 difficulty levels 
- Many achievements and online leaderboards 
- Game Center support on iOS and Mac 
- Google Play game services support on Google Play and Samsung Apps
- GameCircle support on Amazon 
- Simple to learn and easy to control 
- Adorable graphics, high quality music and plenty sound effects and bird voices 

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